The EurBee 10 conference will feature the following symposia. We also welcome abstracts on these topics (submission opens on March 1). 

1-2 Bee immunity and diseases (immunity, diseases, pathology, microbiome)

3 Impacts of climate change and other factors in a changing environment (food, climate, land management)

4 Pollinators and pollination ecology in natural and agricultural landscapes (habitats, nesting sites, pollination efficiency)

5 Novel technologies and methodologies in bee research (technological, computational, behavioral, physiological, ‘omics, artificial intelligence, deep learning)

6 Ecotoxicology, pesticides, pollutants (methods, regulations, trends, compounds, low-frequency electric and magnetic fields)

7 Communication and behavior (behavioral manipulation, physiology, chemical ecology)

8 Evolution and population genetics of bees (systematics)

9 Beekeeping issues (honey and queen production, pollination services, management, bee breeding, bee industry, organic beekeeping, including non-Apis bees)

10 Bee diversity, conservation and interactions among species (invasive species, trends, monitoring, traditional bee races, wild bees)

11 Bee nutrition (floral compositions, nutritional networks, food quality)

12 Information flow from research to public and practice (education, policy making, regulations, citizen science, challenges)

13 Open Topic