Beekeeping in the Tallinn city on the roof of the building. Credit: Tallinn University


The party is responsible for data processing of this registration form on website (hereinafter: registration form) is Publicon OÜ (business registry number 11077247) located at Kastani 42, Tartu, Estonia; e-mail:

Which personal data is processed
- name, phone number, organisation and e-mail address
- address of the invoice receiver
- bank account data (if applicable)
- purchase history
- customer support data

Purpose of processing personal data
Personal data is processed for managing the registrations of participants and sending confirmations and invoices.

Data about the purchase history (date of the registration, selections made, customer data) are used for creating overviews of registration categories in order to use the total numbers for booking rooms, ordering catering, etc.

Delegate Services requests information for the registering Delegate on the Site if the Delegate performs a financial transaction with the event. In this case, a Delegate must provide information including, but not limited to, the name and contact information along with the credit card or bank information. 

Personal data such as e-mail, phone number, and registrant's name are used to provide customer service and answer any questions the participants might have.

The organisers of the event may take photographs and make video recordings at the event and participants might appear on such materials. The organisers may publish such materials on their web pages and social network accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn).

Reporting dietary preferences is optional in the registration form and is used to provide the most suitable meals for everyone.

Delegate Services also automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information, and the page you requested. These are used to provide information society services and for website statistics.

Delegate Services only uses the personal data entered by the delegate for the EurBee 10 purposes. Data are processed with the customer's consent for performing the following operations: printing the participants' data in the programme book. 

Sharing of personal data
During the registration process for this event, personal information is collected, processed and stored by Publicon PCO who, in accordance with cooperation contracts, shares the collected data with the Estonian University of Life Sciences which are the main organiser of the event.

Publicon OU as the payment intermediary is the party responsible for handling personal information. This party will submit the personal information necessary to complete the payment to the authorised service provider Maksekeskus AS.

Personal data may be transmitted to IT service providers if this is necessary for ensuring the functionality of the online shop or for data hosting.

Personal data may be transmitted to the bookkeeper for providing financial services.

Security and access to the data
Publicon OU will save the registrant’s data in their database also in case the registration is not finalized in their secure server situated in the European Union. The unfinished registrations and the registrants’ data are deleted from the database in 7 days. Before deleting the data, Publicon PCO reserves the right to contact the registrant of the unfinished registration using the contact information already filled in.

Delegate Services will take the appropriate physical, organisational and information technology security measures to protect the personal data from random or illegal destruction, loss, change or unauthorised access or publication.

Access will be granted to authorised employees and the necessary data processors for providing services. All personnel are required to follow the appropriate safety measures when handling personal data.

Seeing your personal data
If you wish to know which personal data you submitted to Delegate Services t via the registration form, please see the automatic confirmation e-mail or contact Delegate Services. 

Withdrawing your consent
When registering for the event, you agree that the personal data you submitted will be stored and processed. If you do not agree with the processing or storing of your personal data, you can withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail to Delegate Services. Please note that this will bring along the cancellation of your event registration. If you withdraw your consent, your data will be deleted within 14 days. 

Storing of personal data
Publicon OU is obligated to store personal data for 5 years. For one year, all data is stored to solve any questions or disputes that might occur after the event. After this period, the participation data will be deleted and only the personal data kept.

Your e-mail address will be used to send event newsletters only if you have signed up to receive them on the welcome page. If you later wish to stop receiving newsletters, please inform Delegate Services via e-mail. 

Please read the registration terms & conditions HERE.

Please send all questions regarding the registration and payment to Delegate Services:

Publicon OU
Manager of the Delegate Services
Ms Kirke Pallon