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We don't send confirmation letters about successful payments. We will notify you in case we have not received your payment after the payment deadline. We don't need you to send us payment receipts/confirmation about your payment. We check payments daily and see the paid sums in our online bank.
I have registered for the congress and received the invoice on my e-mail. I have already paid it, but have not received a confirmation stating that my payment has been received. Is everything in order with my payment?

When the payment has been made, the system will not send out an automatised confirmation letter.

The payments are being checked regularly and the Delegate Services will personally contact the delegates whose payments have not arrived on time.

If you have registered, received an automatic confirmation e-mail with your registration data and paid the invoice, your registration will be confirmed automatically.


► I haven't received an invoice/a confirmation e-mail about my registration.

Sometimes the system malfunctions and will not send out the invoice/confirmation e-mail.

If you haven't received yours within one hour of registering, please contact our Delegate Services.

Before pressing the "Register" button, please double-check your e-mail address for any mistakes.


► Can I pay several invoices with one bank transfer?

Yes, you can pay the registration invoices of you and your colleagues in a single transfer - it is important to write all invoice numbers in the payment description.


► Can we share bank transfer fees?

The participant needs to pay all bank transfer fees, including the correspondent bank fees.

If you click that bank fees should be shared, a smaller amount will reach the Delegate Services and you will need to cover the missing amount later. 


► My organisation is taking longer than expected to pay my invoice and I'm worried that my registration will be cancelled.

We will not cancel any registrations before contacting the delegates beforehand. If you are worried you won't be able to make the payment on time, please contact our delegate services and they will extend the deadline for you.


My credit card payment was unsuccessful. What to do?

If your payment was cancelled, please contact Delegate Services and they will send you a new link for the payment.


► Do I have to pay VAT?

According to the Estonian VAT law (§ 10 lg 1 and § 10 lg 2 p 21) entrance services provided in Estonia will be charged with 22% VAT.