Beekeeping in the Tallinn city on the roof of the building. Credit: Tallinn University






  • ...has a population of just 1.3 million but is larger than Denmark or Netherlands. Being among the least densely populated countries in Europe, Estonia makes for a great nature and city break destination for those looking to stretch out their limbs and enjoy some peace, quiet, and solitude.
  • more than 50% forest. It's fair to say that Estonians have a certain tree-hugging spirit. More than half of the country is covered by forested land and almost a quarter is protected by nature. As a result, Estonia has the 4th best air quality in the world.
  • ...has over 2000 islands. Estonia is the only Baltic country with a deep-rooted and extensive island culture. Although most are uninhabited, Estonian islands tend to be rural, with some holding traces of their local Viking and medieval legacy.
  • a Digital Society. From voting to signing documents to doing taxes online, Estonia implements a hassle-free and modern approach to doing errands.


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